Our Team


Rebecca Trujillo Vest

CEO/Programs Director

Los Angeles, CA

Jordan Stobbe

Executive Director/Programs Director

Melbourne, AUS

Carls Woolf

Operations Director/Programs Director

London, UK

Christina Cassidy

Communications/Marketing Director

Los Angeles, CA

Hilary Ratner

Digital/Social Media Director

Los Angeles, CA

Board Members

Martha Champlin, Candice Rosales, Rebecca Trujillo Vest, Abby Wills, Margaret Yen
Carly (left) Jordan (centre) Rebecca (right)

Rebecca Trujillo Vest, Jordan Stobbe and Carls Woolf met during the pandemic when attending a songwriting course called 6 Figure Songwriting by Catch The Moon a Cathy Heller organisation. Throughout the course it became clear that there was a kinship among them and they felt as thought they had met before. The friendships grew and continued after the end of the course and remains strong.

The three women began working together and developing the idea of a non profit organisation that would benefit musicians of all backgrounds that looked different from other organizations in the scene by not taking money from the artists. Rebecca, Carly, and Jordan are all active musicians themselves, and were aware of the many challenges and extreme lack of support in today’s music industry. Their vision grew to create a space of support and hub of accessible resources that musicians from any background, anywhere in the world could rely on to help build successful careers.

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