Pandion Music Foundation is thrilled to announce Pandion Unplugged, a new program coming to our platform in September 2023! Get ready to join us for FREE wellness livestreams hosted on Instagram and Facebook, every Tuesday at 9am PDT (officially launching TUESDAY 9/12). These live streams are designed to nurture and sustain a community of support for the mental health of music creators.

“Where was the person who supported the artist through the personal breakdown? The inability to write? To help them make big career decisions whilst not looking to gain a % of their income? To educate them on navigating the intensely personal job of social media as a constant daily aspect of their career? And whose job was it to support them with chronic anxiety, bouts of depression and creative blocks, let alone their basic health needs through gruelling tour schedules and unrealistic creative deadlines?”
– Rachael Sardelich, Creatives Consultant and Artist Coach

Whether music creators are facing the trials and tribulations of touring, recording, performance, or writing, there are many times when they might find themselves frustrated or even feel like giving up. Mental health and wellness support for musicians is critical, and something still seriously lacking in the industry. With Pandion Music Foundation’s pledge to shift the needle toward a more supportive, sustainable, and equitable music industry, we’re here to change that.

Join us for these enriching livestream events and help us build this vital community!

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