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Do you ever wonder how your favorite musician got started, how they got to where they are today, or what challenges they’ve faced in the music industry? There’s a good chance they are still in the process of building a sustainable career. Because there is no template for navigating the music industry, even working musicians often still lack access to core elements like time, money, management, or support. Pandion Music Foundation was created to nourish these foundational roots and help foster the growth of thriving music careers in today’s evolving industry.      This is our mission.

We host weekly virtual sessions and workshops that bridge the gap between music creators and industry professionals. It is our pledge to sustain an inclusive and supportive community with no fees, requirements, or obligations.

Together, we can make meaningful impact…


Women and non-binary creators


Music creators who don't earn a sustainable income from their music


Artists in underrepresented racial/ethnic groups

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