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June 2023
Jun 07
07 June 2023

How do we make space for pitching our music for sync placements? That's what agencies are here for! Founder of Sweet On Top agency, Kristina Benson is joining us for a workshop all about Sync Licensing (read more)...

May 2023
May 31
31 May 2023

It's that time again -- time to meet another music supe! We're getting up close and personal with founder of Groomsy Music, Crystal Grooms Mangano! ...

May 24
24 May 2023

Back in the day, it would have been hard for us to believe that we'd get to the point where recording vocals and instruments at home would be as easy as a click of your mouse. With our technological advancements, and the progress that the developers have made with DAW (digital audio workspace) software, it's now possible for those of us on budgets who want to save money on recording to do it all at home...

May 17
17 May 2023

There's a reason record labels, managers, agents, and PR & marketing reps all exist in the music industry -- releasing music takes a LOT of work and a LOT of preparation. It often takes a whole team of people to release just one song to ensure that the artist gains maximum press coverage to help bring as many eyes and ears to their release as possible. So, if you're an indie artist and are not signed to a label, how in the world do you do all of this yourself? ...

May 10
10 May 2023

Wendy Parr (The Holistic Artist Coach) is one of those people who can motivate, inspire, and uplift all at once. As a multi-talented artist and songwriter herself, she is here to give us an inside look at her brain on songwriting!

May 03
03 May 2023

We've made leaps and bounds when it comes to inclusion in the music industry over the decades, but some may be surprised by how far we still have to go. When you look at the stats, minority groups are still vastly underrepresented in almost every area of the field. Dr. Stacy Smith of the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative comments on the issue, "We know there are talented women from all backgrounds who are not getting access, opportunity, or credit for their work in this arena.” ...

April 2023
Apr 19
19 April 2023

Music mastering might seem like an illusive, alien species to many of us. What is this thing we call "mastering" in the music industry, anyway? We know that it's a […]

Apr 04
04 April 2023

Let's BOOGIE! Tim Bern is here with us from to explain, well, just what the heck is all about!! If you've been in the sync licensing world for […]

March 2023
Mar 29
29 March 2023

We're coming at you with Clearly Music Services' music supervisor, Jonathan Lane, and music coordinator, Caleb McFadden, for a dual meet-and-greet opportunity that you won't want to miss! These music supervision pro's are here to give you all those golden nugget tips on how to navigate the sync world, hone the quality of your music, and how to have a better chance of getting your music into the hands of the big supes.

Mar 22
22 March 2023

Let's go electronic! You know those cool cats behind the turntable at the club or those crazy cool synth sounds on the dance track you just can't get enough of? DJ-ing and electronic music have an important place in the music scene, and there are endless things to learn about this genre of music...

Mar 15
15 March 2023

You know those super-human types that seem to be able to do it all? Well Wendy Parr is one of those people. Wendy is an artist of many talents, with one hand in the creative songwriting side and the other in artist career-building and empowerment. A mastermind of building a life around creativity and music, you might say. Best known as The Holistic Artist Coach, Wendy has 20+ years in the entertainment industry, her mission being to empower artists to define their artistic purpose and create a career they love.

Mar 08
08 March 2023

This Aussie’s got the coolest stuff to share—from music supervision with The Elements Music, to…van life??! As Head of Music Supervision and Artist Partnerships for The Elements, Nick Maker curates and creates music for some of the world’s biggest brands through licensing, original compositions, artist partnerships, and everything in between.

Mar 01
01 March 2023

Who better to get sync advice from than the ultimate sync expert, songwriter and lyricist, Amira Gadd! Amira is a mentor, consultant, panelist, moderator and speaker in the sync world, sharing what she knows about the music industry with others eager to learn. And we're here for it!

February 2023
Feb 15
15 February 2023

If you're a creator, you likely know how it feels to want to throw in the towel - your Grandma's voice echoing in your head, "so when are you going to get a 'real' job?" But we're here with Elaine Ryan to help you stand up to Grandma, and all the other external pressures that cause doubt and insecurity as an artist.

Feb 08
08 February 2023

How do we present ourselves in ways that make us feel strong and empowered and true to ourselves while also standing out in a pond full of millions of others?

Feb 01
01 February 2023

Kimera Morrell is on a mission to reshape our idea of a music career. With 20 revenue streams such as remote studio gigging, sync licensing, acapella licensing, sample packs, and plugins, Kimera is an authority in the space of music entrepreneurship and a coach to many prosperous creatives.

January 2023
Jan 25
25 January 2023

Sync up with our first music supervisor guest of the New Year!
An incredibly prolific music supervisor is here to give us an inside look at his work supervising alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.

Jan 18
18 January 2023

Let your vocals do the work!
Being an indie musician can be a huge challenge, but sometimes there are more opportunity gems hidden in unexpected places.

Jan 11
11 January 2023

Finding your community and your career cheerleaders - the indie way!
How do you fight for something you believe in, in yourself, in your future? How do we network as indie artists and build a community of people who believe in us?

Jan 04
04 January 2023

Michèle Vice-Maslin is an Emmy Winning, #1 hit music producer/Music Arranger/ Songwriter, Music Publisher, and is here to give us the whole story, and share the importance of this thing we call "metadata."

December 2022
Dec 21
21 December 2022

The best kind of gift -- MUSIC!
Cheers to the end of 2022! The New Year is just a hop, skip and a jump away, and we want to give 2023 a warm welcome! Let’s reminisce with Mark Wilder about music wins from the past year and goals for the year ahead. Don’t forget to bring your drink of choice and a holiday sweater if you have one just for good measure 😉

Dec 14
14 December 2022

Our octopus teacher!
Audio engineers and producers are like an octopus -- 8 legs all working independently for the benefit of the whole. But unlike octopi, all that coordination and choreography happens in their heads, making it so important to have a good teacher who can explain this magic.

Dec 07
07 December 2022

Whipping up goals for the New Year!
BIG sync goals are IN for the New Year! Let's talk about how indie musicians can write more "syncable" tunes, retain their rights, be their own managers, and make real income from their music. Now THAT'S a hot take!

November 2022
Nov 30
30 November 2022

The music supervision behind some of our favorite TV series!
Join us with Tiffany Anders to hear what goes on behind the scenes, and maybe even gain some tips about how you could have a greater chance of getting your own music in a soundtrack!

Nov 17
17 November 2022

The creative bug bit you, now what to do about it?If you’re here, chances are you’re a music creator like us, and you’ve got a whole sea of creative juices […]

Nov 09
09 November 2022

But what does a hummingbird moth have to do with it?Dear Future Self, we call it a ‘music journey’ for a reason! It’s not meant to happen overnight—don’t forget that. […]

Nov 02
02 November 2022

Quality over quantity, right? In some cases, it’s the opposite.Quantity over quality? It might sound contradictory to what you’ve heard all your life—but Steve Collom will explain why in music […]

October 2022
Oct 19
19 October 2022

What the heck is this DAW thing, anyway??Join us with Nick Phelps to discover tricks, tips, and secrets and wrapping your wits around these magical and mystical software's. Nick Phelps […]

Oct 12
12 October 2022

Most creators have heard of sync licensing. It’s for the pop artists and the jingle-makers, right? WRONG!We’re here to tell you that times have changed, and sync licensing is here […]


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