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Pandion Music Foundation (PMF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded by creators, for creators; a free online platform empowering artists as they navigate the music industry through educational resources, workshops, wellness guidance and direct access to experts — helping to provide a constant thread of support for music creators.

Uplifting connections and fostering more equitable opportunities for music creators.

Helping musicians thrive in an ever-changing industry.
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Elevating and uplifting music creators from underrepresented communities.
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The bridge connecting creators with industry experts.


Pandion acts as a free resource for the globally diverse music community; joined by our art, and eager to share insider paths to help build successful and sustainable careers in music.

Joining our virtual workshops are industry professionals with expertise in various areas of the music industry including but not limited to music business, management, sync licensing, and songwriting.


"Artists are at the epicentre of the music industry ecosystem. Their ability to create quality art freely and easily, is directly related to their mental, emotional, physical and creative health. I believe that changing the way we support and nurture our artists is a key step toward the positive changes and evolution we need in this industry.”
"The majority of the streaming revenue is received/generated by fewer and fewer artists, so something about the current model is failing the next generation of musicians."
"98.6% of the world’s artists — i.e. 2,957,000 separate performers — are currently operating outside of Spotify’s “top tier…the average non-“top tier” Spotify artist earned just over $36 in the quarter. Or $12 per month.”

Music is the soundtrack

to our lives.

More than ever, today’s emerging music creators are not making a sustainable income. It is Pandion’s goal to combat this situation through support, collaboration, and access to resources.


All of Pandion’s services are 100% donor funded. That makes us different from the majority of other organizations existing in the music and entertainment space. Our work will not rely on music creators’ personal funds that should go toward creating, collaborating, and producing their art. That means less financial barriers, and more music.

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